2018 Stevie Fast | The Shadow\NHRA Shirt

**PRE-ORDER**  Brand new 2018 Stevie Fast Shirt featuring The Shadow in NHRA Pro-Mod fashion.  Shipping date expected no later than July 6, 2018 

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James Smith

Hello stevie I’m a grudge racer and I watch you for many years.I think you’re doing a great job in the NHRA I wish you come back doing Grudge Racing you’re very good for the sport. You and Phil Shuler make a great team… hope to see you back in Milan or US 131 soon Butchie..P.S.im a big fan of the willie Dog show.you should come on sometime..Butchie…

Hey Stevie! I was just wondering if you have gapped that one guy lately…umm…shit. you know…he has “You Know My Name” on his window, which I believe, is his way of trying to make up for his miniscule ***** . I can never remember his name, just his cocky remarks he can’t back up and his Miami Vice look on his videos. I really do think he likes men. Anyway, you take care buddy!!

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