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STITCHED EDGE BENCH MAT 35″ Wide X 16″ Tall X 1/8″ Thick

This mat is great to protecting your work (Guns and stuff) and work surface (Desk, Workbench). Also works great as an XL MouseDesk pad

*Guns, Mouse, Keyboard or any other items included besides the mat.

Size: 35 x 16″ | 2.5 mm Thick (~1/8″) | Black Stitching Edge: Anti-fray stitching
Surface: Smooth Polyester Fabric
Backing: Most Popular, Natural Open Cell Rubber, Non Skid
Design: Full KTR Logo over distressed US Flag
Best For: Providing Cushion, Soft to Touch, Guns, Mouse Pad or Desktop Pad
$39.98 - $50.38

In stock

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .125 in